Sega May Have Canceled Bayonetta 2

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Sega May Have Canceled Bayonetta 2

Though Sega has thus far refused to comment, rumors are flying suggesting an (unannounced) sequel to racy spectacle fighter Bayonetta may have been canceled.

Sega’s recently announced it would scrap several unnamed games as part of a company restructuring, and a source for SPOnG “familiar with the situation” claims a sequel for Bayonetta was among them. Neither Bayonetta’s creator Hideaki Kamiya (at the time of publication) nor Platinum Games producer Atsushi Inaba have confirmed that a Bayonetta 2 was among the casualties, especially seeing as there hasn’t even been a formal announcement for any such game to begin with.

Inaba mentioned the rumor in a humorous tweet, along with a mocked-up image.

A hypothetical Bayonetta 2 being among the casualties wouldn’t be an enormous surprise; Platinum Games’ projects haven’t been as successful financially as they could be. Their heroine’s cavalier approach to her attire and the game’s campy mix of unsubtle sexuality and over-the-top action are an odd sight in the era of Grizzled McSpaceMarine fighting in Chest-High-Wallsistan.

But whether our clothing-challenged heroine has been denied her own sequel in the near future or not, she’ll still be putting in a cameo appearance in Sega’s upcoming Anarchy Reigns.

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