2013 – The Future of Gaming?

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2013 – The Future of Gaming?

Is 2013 really the future of gaming? A lot of the major console developers would have you believe that, especially with the speculation of both the PS4 & Xbox 720 announcements right around the corner at E3 2013. Couple this with the Steam Box nearing production, and the rumor that the major consoles fear that Apple may join in the fun.

Not to be outdone, Nintendo has begun ramping up game development to save what’s left of the WiiU’s not-so-great launch.

Meanwhile, Sony has pulled from Apple’s playbook and decided to make an announcement before the big show.

It should be interesting to see what Sony has to offer. Will it be the PS4? More Vita news? Or perhaps something truly innovative? Just hoping the boomerang controller is left behind.

Check back for more coverage on gaming and hopefully, something truly amazing from Sony. And drop us a comment: what do you think the big announcement is going to be?