[E3 2014] Bioware Teases Info on Mass Effect 4

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[E3 2014] Bioware Teases Info on Mass Effect 4

While fans of the series might have been hoping for more information, Bioware did allow at least a small taste of what they’ve got working for Mass Effect 4.

During EA’s press conference during E3 this afternoon, Bioware released a short video — the first half of which addressed what the new Mass Effect series was going to look like.


The game is going to feature an entirely new cast of characters and be set in a different region of the universe. Details further than that are very few — but in the video are some beautiful conceptual art that seem to be true to the Mass Effect theme.

When we will hear more details about the game? Probably not until next E3 — but one can only hope that we might get a better idea of what’s in store for the series sooner than a year from now.