Comics Issues #241 – Cover Spoilers

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Comics Issues #241 – Cover Spoilers

It’s Wednesday and time again for another geektastic edition episode of COMIC ISSUES! On this week’s newstand, it didn’t take long but after DC announced their “No Batgirling” approach to story telling, four and a half of their more peripheral books have been cancelled. Say goodbye to a favorite of ours Gotham by Midnight, along with Doom, Lobo, Justice League United, and Omega Men. Although Omega Men was only cancelled for a day or so before the raging tide of the Internet brought the book back from near death.

As for what’s in this week’s pull list, Anthony and Elizabeth recap and review Captain America: White #1, House of M #3, A-Force #4, Age of Apocalypse #4, Star Wars #9, All-New Hawkeye #5, Bizarro #4, and Darth Vader #9.

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