Binary System Podcast #44 – Within the Wires #1

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Binary System Podcast #44 – Within the Wires #1

Welcome to Night Vale is on hiatus for the whole month. And since none of the Night Vale people know what the word “hiatus” means, they gave us a whole new series to recap. This week the twins listened to the first episode of Within the Wires, which seems to be a guided meditation for a mental institution. In the future? Hard to say. Apparently we were turned into a bug.

Then we went over the finer points of Doctor Who costumes, Pacific Rim, Battle Angel, Penny Dreadful, and that scary subsection of the internet that believes Hiddleston and Cumberbatch are victims of a giant conspiracy to put them in fake relationships to…make them..more popular? Or something? No, don’t explain, we don’t want to know…

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Oh, and turns out we don’t have to pay $99 for a sonic screwdriver. Hot Topic to the rescue.

You can listen to episodes of Within the Wires right here.