Binary System Podcast #45 – Alice Isn’t Dead #10 “Thistle”

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Binary System Podcast #45 – Alice Isn’t Dead #10 “Thistle”

It’s the season finale of “Alice Isn’t Dead” and as much as we liked it, what we REALLY liked was the Disparition song they used at the end (we put a clip at the end of this podcast, it has a hammer dulcimer, we love it.)

After that we had to address this whole ridiculous Pokemon Go thing. Yes, we both created accounts. Don’t judge. Also if you’re going to cheat while incubating your eggs, please don’t put your phone in bad places. Just saying.

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This is the picture Kathryn was talking about:

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 11.00.06 PM

And if you’ve been taking photos of your pokemon sitting on people’s heads or eating their food, you’re a very silly person, and we’d like to see your pictures.

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