Binary System Podcast #52 – Ramble Some More Ramblings

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Binary System Podcast #52 – Ramble Some More Ramblings

No Welcome To Night Vale recap this week, since the Binary System Podcast duo has been traveling all over time and space this month. Well, all over space anyway. Okay, we each spent a week in Florida visiting the ‘rents. The point is, we’re tired.

Not too tired, since we were able to read the latest issues of Tranformers MTMTE and Marvel’s Civil War II (warning: massive spoilers and speculations on our part to follow), and then watch The Night Manager series, the last season of Hannibal, a tiny bit of X-Men: Apocalypse, and the first two episodes of season two of Broadchurch (ouch, not sure how much more of that we can watch.)

And then Netflix had to go release the next seasons of Luther and Penny Dreadful, so now we’ve got even more to catch up on so we can talk about it on this podcast. It’s a tough job blah blah somebody’s got to blah blah so on and so forth.

(Sorry for some audio weirdness, Elizabeth was trying a new thing with the editing software. Totally didn’t work! Won’t be doing again! Moving right along!)

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