Review & Preview – Transformers More Than Meets The Eye – Revolution 1

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Review & Preview – Transformers More Than Meets The Eye – Revolution 1

This is my favorite book in the entire Revolution event, hands down. Not only is the art fantastic and the writing brilliant, but it’s like they took all of my qualms about Revolution (lots of humans, franchises I didn’t follow) and said “Here. This is for you. You’ll like it.” And I did, I really really did.

See below for more spoiler-free jumping up and down about Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye – Revolution 1. Or skip the review and just buy the book. I promise I won’t be mad.

Obviously I read this one mostly because Alex Milne did the art, with colors by Joana Lafuente. I really hope Milne will still be a major part of the creative team with the upcoming Lost Light because I can’t say enough good things about his work. For fans of the G1 cartoon, his work is like that, only much much better. I even liked the humans in this issue: there weren’t many, but the ones we had were fun, partly because of Milne’s work with expressions but mostly because of James Roberts and Nick Roche’s amazing writing.

I’d be curious to hear what G.I. Joe fans think of this issue. We see a member of the Joe team, but he’s…not what you’d expect. It looks at first like Roberts and Roche are making fun of every Joe trope you can think of (and they are) but by the end of the book we find out a little more about the character, enough to make it less silly and more, well, sad isn’t the word, because the story is hilarious, but he’s even more likable.

And even if you only have a passing knowledge of G.I. Joe and M.A.S.K. and Dire Wraiths, there are so many nudges and winks that you’re going to love.

(Make sure to check out Nick Roche’s variant cover if you can, it’s hysterical and sums up my feeling about a lot of variant covers.)

And of course we get the Scavengers, who are always wonderful. As Kathryn pointed out, they’re the Decepticons’ answer to the Autobots of the Lost Light: a pack of incompetent (but occasionally badass) misfits who get into tons of trouble even though they mean well, and we love them despite (because of?) their goof ups.

I mean Misfire and Spinster being a little clueless about what is and isn’t a dead human is just fantastic.

And Crankcase is going on a blind date with someone he met on the internet and Fulcrum hates humans with a fiery passion and Grimlock is very slowly coming back to himself, which I’m enjoying way more than I thought I would.

Anything more I say is going to give something away, but I’ll just point out that after I read Fulcrum’s final line, I really felt like Roberts and Roche heard my rants on “too many humans in Transformers” and wrote it just for me.

Of course they didn’t, I know that.

*waves madly to James and Nick* Thank you! I see what you did there!!