Review – Manchester by the Sea

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Review – Manchester by the Sea

By guest columnist cine_bomb.

Honestly, despite all the buzz I wasn’t really looking forward to this film because it was long and didn’t really seem that interesting, but I’m glad I went through with it as I ended up being really blown away.

Manchester By the Sea UK PosterNot only is this a stirring drama but it’s extremely personal and relatable as well. Casey Affleck gives us the best performance of 2016 and surely deserves an Oscar for his work here. I loved watching his character go through life and interact with others, it was just so fascinating.

Frankly, I didn’t really get why Michelle Williams got nominated here as she is barely in the film and doesn’t do much except for one key scene. But Lucas Hedges on the other hand was pretty great and definitely deserves the nomination.

Even though the film has a long runtime, I never felt tired or bored. The film breezes by and while it is emotionally devastating at time, it is very captivating. In conclusion, “Manchester By The Sea” is a fantastic film and is one of my favourite films of last year.  8.7/10

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