Binary System Podcast #75 – WTNV episode 104 “The Hierarchy of Angels”

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Binary System Podcast #75 – WTNV episode 104 “The Hierarchy of Angels”

This week the twins recap the latest episode of Night Vale and talk about how angels can’t have building permits and dragons can’t practice law. (Apparently you can’t just tell somebody that the City said it was okay for you to build a roller coaster. Even if you spell all the words right.)

After that Kathryn gave us a breakdown of NC Comicon: Oak City, and Elizabeth gave us her picks for Amazon’s “Pilot Season.”

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Kathryn and Nathan’s photo gallery from NC Comicon: Oak City is right here, let us know if you spot yourself or someone you know!

You really should google “Night Vale Angels Fan Art” and see all the amazing images people have come up with, but there’s a great selection on tumblr here.

You can find all the Amazon Pilot Season episodes here, if you watch them make sure to shout out in the comments and tell us which ones you pick.

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