Review – Beauty and the Beast

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Review – Beauty and the Beast

By guest columnist my_year_in_movies.

Beauty and the Beast had a near impossible job on its hand: How do you remake arguably the most beloved animated movie of all time? Take the easy route and not change a thing and the critics will ask what the point is (hell, some grumps are gonna ask that no matter what happens). Change too much and the villagers will be after you with pitchforks.

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I love the original, I think it’s pretty damn near perfect. I came into this with a lot of excitement but without too many expectations. I knew Disney would be respectful but I didn’t think it would be able to recapture that magic. But it does and then some.

I was grinning so much through the whole thing that my face ached. There were several times during it, after the major songs, that I nearly stood up and applauded like I was at a live show (I blame the excellent IMAX/3D combo). I’m fully aware how over the top that is but that’s how swept up I was.

It captures all the best moments of the animated version perfectly, bringing them superbly to life without losing any of what made it special. All the new bits blend in seamlessly, only enhancing the overall experience.

All the characters are just as charming and lose nothing in translation. Both Emma Watson and Dan Stevens are great in the central roles, as are Luke Evans and Josh Gad.

The reviews of this have been decidedly mixed. But this isn’t a movie for the critics it’s one for the fans. I spent 2 hours being about as happy as can be and that, naysayers, is the point. 10/10

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