Review – Aftermath

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Review – Aftermath

By guest columnist thenoshitmoviecritic.

The bulk of this film (originally titled 478) is based on a real-life mid-air collision between a Tu-154 passenger jet and a Boeing 747 cargo jet over Germany in 2002. Some elements of the story have been amplified for entertainment purposes, for example the location, the death toll, the sentencing, and the ending where the son seeks revenge.

AftermathMovieOk, so now that the silver-screen reality-check is complete what do we have: Schwarzenegger pulling off a real emotional role, not the usual few-lines, but still playing the silent tough guy.

Overall, the acting is authentic and captivating. The filming and visual production on the whole is just average, with the main focus being on the unseen drama not the SFX or CGI which could have really cemented the collision and crash visually. Instead, we’re shown just a few scenes of ground wreckage.

As a depiction of a real-life event I feel bad that this is what the families have to recall or lambaste their memories to, as it certainly isn’t a feel good movie or one that makes inspirations or heroes out of anyone. If somber is your mode this is worth the watch. 5.5/10

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