Review – Transformers Lost Light #6

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Review – Transformers Lost Light #6

The current arc comes to a (dramatic, triumphant, somewhat sad, and a little bit puzzling) end, see below for a review of Transformers Lost Light #6.

(As always, minor spoilers below, but I do avoid the major plot points.)

Jack Lawrence and Joana Lafuente outdid themselves with the art, there’s a shot of Megatron and Terminus in the foreground while a (REALLY IMPRESSIVE) battle goes on in the background, and it’s one of those images I would absolutely frame and put on my wall; the soft focus of the background, the sharp shadows in the foreground, the fact that the two characters create a sort of frame around what’s going on behind them, it’s very artistically done.

Everyone else looks great too, as the series goes along you can see how Lawrence’s take differs from Roche and Milne, it’s got an almost animated feel to the lines, very defined, and the animated look is enhanced by Joana Lafuente’s colors, her work with highlights and shadows is excellent, especially when you’ve got such a brightly-lit battle going on for an entire issue.

That battle, wow. Luna 2, the entire moon, is attacking. And the most dramatic part of the battle I can’t even get into, because it’s one of those turn-the-page-jaw-drops-wide-open moments, and I don’t want to spoil it. And what they did made sense, they’d been setting that up for at least the last three issues.

Another thing that’s going on in this issue is James Roberts making a statement on the current political environment, both in the US and the UK. I enjoyed it, and I didn’t think it was too on-the-nose, but I think he and I are on the same sides of a lot of issues. But the sub-head of the issue is “This Machine Kills Fascists” if you want a hint.

But outside of that, Megatron makes a statement about “the opposite of Functionism” and it’s brilliant, I literally gave him a little round of applause when he was done.

The arc does have a satisfying end, both the A and B storylines, but it’s the very last panel that I didn’t understand. I know where everybody is and why (though I wonder if the way they left it will stay that way for long) but I’m not sure who’s talking, and what it means. (Possibly I’m forgetting some of the history Roberts has set up in the last few years, because there’s a lot of it.)

And why is Rodimus so ticked? I mean I kind of understand why he’s ticked, but…okay, he reacted to what someone said in a way that I don’t understand. I can’t say more than that or I’ll give everything away, but if you’d like to chime in at the comments below, I’d love for someone to give me their understanding (or I can head over to tfwiki and find out there, but I’d love to hear from you first.)

EDIT: You guys you guys you guys! James Roberts just tweeted me the answers! *fangirl squee* If you want to see them (lightly spoilery) head here.