Binary System Podcast #87 – WTNV episode 110 “Matryoshka”

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Binary System Podcast #87 – WTNV episode 110 “Matryoshka”

This week Binary System is finally caught up with Welcome To Night Vale woo!! Listen in as we recap (and try to pronounce) “Matryoshka.” Then there’s the Night Vale Bonus Episode “The Tragic Story of Louie Blasko,” which we don’t recap so much as point excitedly at the computer yelling “You guys you GUYS you need to listen to this!” Seriously. Right now. It’s only ten minutes. Go on, it’s okay, we’ll wait.

We also go on a tangent about China Mieville’s The City and The City, and how there may be a BBC adaptation and what a mind-f*#k that will be, and about Twin Peaks’ version of The Weather, and how Cillian Murphy can nail a dead-eyed stare, but with more sexy.

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