Binary System Podcast #88 – The Alice Isn’t Dead catch-up episode (…part 2)

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Binary System Podcast #88 – The Alice Isn’t Dead catch-up episode (…part 2)

This week Binary System recaps two episodes of Alice Isn’t Dead in record time and that’s it! We’re all caught up with podcasts! And in one week San Diego Comic-Con takes over our lives and we’re going to get totally behind again. Enjoy the moment while it lasts…

Of course while trying to do a recap we go off on tangents about people who mine wikipedia for the best stuff, and about what a modern day oracle would look like (they probably wouldn’t be wearing greek robes in a cave, most likely a hoodie in an abandoned van) and about why you can’t eat the oranges on the ASU campus.

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Correction the first – more like an addendum really: turns out the sour oranges on the ASU campus (which have traditionally been used as a “oh you should totally eat one of those” prank on freshmen) are now being used as part of their “Campus Harvest” program, and can be made into marmalade, vinaigrettes, and drinks! Find more about that awesomeness here.

Correction the second – Elizabeth said Leland had mentioned a Killian Murphy with a K. This of course is completely wrong. Leland had mentioned a talented actor named Killian Scott but Elizabeth tacked the “Murphy” onto the end because words just drop out of her mouth without her brain being aware, happens all the time.

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