Review – A Ghost Story

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Review – A Ghost Story

By guest columnist narrator26

A Ghost Story is an intelligent and artistic piece of storytelling that is likely to divide audiences. It’s likely to be slammed by traditional horror fans as it offers nothing of substance to the genre. Additionally, I can see why it was panned by many during its festival screenings.

This film is a very simple, patient and delicate story about loss and the struggles that the ensuing pain results in, while exploring the concept of mankind’s short time on our planet. Ambitious? Yes. Alienating? Absolutely. I’m not going to preach and say that A Ghost Story is a masterpiece; I’m going to say that there are some people that will – I’m just not one of them.

It’s intriguing and I look forward to discussing it in depth with you and many others; I just sit on the side of “time will tell” for the moment. Go see it if you are a fan of art-house cinema. If not, I would comfortably advise giving A Ghost Story a miss. Thoughts?


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