Binary System Podcast #96: The Kitchen Sink Episode

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Binary System Podcast #96: The Kitchen Sink Episode

Since there’s no Night Vale to recap this week we figured we’d just talk about everything else, starting with our family in the path of Hurricane Irma (spoilers: they’re fine) and upcoming travel plans that are making our recording schedule interesting.

After that we talk about a Transformers game that Kathryn’s ridiculously addicted to very enthusiastic about and she’d like you to play too so she can get more points you can enjoy it as well. Then we discuss why we haven’t finished watching Defenders yet, and it has something to do with this Netflix show about drug deals, we won’t say which, but it rhymes with “Narcos” and it’s (appropriately) addictive.

Also we try to talk briefly about this amazing 80’s show called Friday the 13th the Series, and fail. To talk briefly. We even had “BRIEFLY” written in our notes and underlined and we still went on and on.

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So get this: in two weeks it’ll be the 30th anniversary of Friday the 13th the Series and NO that’s not the horror movie with the mask, it’s the TV show with the cursed antiques and amazing hair. In celebration of that (and the fact that we have to take a week off of recording) next week’s “podcast” will be a photo gallery of everything we can find related to the show: screen grabs, advertisements, fan art (what there is of it,) you name it, if we can yoink it out of the internet, it’ll be here. The week after that will be a whole episode of us fangirling all over the place since someone’s uploaded every episode of the show to youtube and it’s still amazing. And awful. And awesome.


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