Binary System Podcast #102 – Wonder Woman and Blade Runner 2049

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Binary System Podcast #102 – Wonder Woman and Blade Runner 2049

The Binary Podcast team may not see the latest blockbusters on opening night. Or opening week. Or the week after that…

Okay, so maybe it takes us a while to get around to things. But we make up for it with almost an hour of fangirling.

Listen in as we spoil all the things and talk about Wonder Woman and Blade Runner 2049. Sure we discuss Amazon warriors and angsty replicants, but then we wander down tangents like American Horror Story, San Diego versus Los Angeles when it comes to the “Who’s Going To Turn Into A Garbage Dump First?” question, CGI super jumps, eating bugs voluntarily, and existentialism regarding existence after death and pragmatism versus faith. No, really, we do. But we also talk about pretty superheroes having sex, so there’s a balance.

Outro song this week is 60 seconds of the Wonder Woman theme, because we couldn’t resist.

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