Review – Dunkirk

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Review – Dunkirk

The Golden Globe nominations are in (which tend to be an early indicator of what may get nominated for the Oscars) so this week guest writer TheNoShitMovieCritic has a review of one of the nominees for Best Drama Picture: Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk.

I waited a long time to finally add this one to the shelf collection, but to be fair; pound for pound, it’s just not as good as anticipated (hyped beyond delivery).

It lacks an intuitive storyline for those who do not know anything about the “miracle at Dunkirk” (which was the God/luck evacuation of British troops from France). If you’re not a war flick fan, then walk away. Even Harry Styles appearances won’t keep your interest for long.

On a positive note, is it action packed? Yes, sort of. It is mostly acting-less scenes of special effects and CGI explosions with volumes of SFX (audio clunking) going on. The production did blow through $100,000,000.00 (estimated budget) so at some level visual eye candy is to be expected. In terms of historical accuracy, it only broke the surface to no great depth.

Nonetheless, it was respected at the box office. A recommended viewing. 5.75/10

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