Review- 50 Wacky Things Humans Do: Weird and Amazing Facts About the Human Body!

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Review- 50 Wacky Things Humans Do: Weird and Amazing Facts About the Human Body!

50 Wacky Things Human Do is a children’s book written by Joe Rhatigan and illustrated by Lisa Perrett. Immediately, the book caught my eye because of the beautiful illustrations. Bonus! It is educational.

My favorite 2 pages are the pages devoted to sneezing. No. 10 in the line of 50 wacky things.

Ah…Ah…Ah…CHOOOO! That’s the sound of your nose rocketing out a germ-y spray of gunk at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. A sneeze is your nose’s powerful way of getting rid of dust, pollen, animal dander, pollutants, or anything else that doesn’t belong up there. Not only does a sneeze get rid of that stuff quickly, but it also sends it far-not quite into outer space, but up to 200 feet away! Unless you’re covering your mouth-as you should!

I mean, come on, how awesome is this picture? She’s sneezing herself to the moon.


The next awesome wacky thing is No. 22, BRRRAIN.

The double chocolate ice cream tastes delicious-but suddenly a lightning bolt of pain jabs you in the brain. What in the world just happened? A scientist might say you are suffering from sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia. But don’t worry-that’s just a fancy way of saying you have an ice cream headache or brain freeze. When cold food or drink hits the roof of the mouth, blood vessels swell and tighten quickly, causing pain in the brain. It usually goes away in 30 seconds.

Speaking from experience, brain freeze is not fun, but the ice cream experience is so worth it.


Now on to No. 27, Camera Eyes

The next time you take a picture with a camera, think about this: Your eyes work a lot like the camera does! When you snap a picture, light passes through the lens and is sent upside down to the sensor to be captured and saved by the camera’s memory. Your camera adjusts the image so you see it right-side up. Similarly, when light passes through your eye, your iris dilates, or expands, to help the lens focus the light and send the image to the retina at the back of your eye. At this point, the image is also upside down. The retina sends the upside-down picture to your brain as an electrical signal. Your brain flips the picture right-side up so you don’t get confused!

I’ve only shown you three wacky thing the human body does. Grab a copy of this book and you will get 47 more!


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