Review – Transformers Lost Light #14

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Review – Transformers Lost Light #14

After only a two-week wait we got another issue of Lost Light! I should be grateful! I know! But now we have to wait another month to find out what happens after THIS issue! 

(See, this is what happens when you spoil us. We get greedy.)

See below for a spoiler-free review of Lost Light #14.

(I’m avoiding spoilers in this issue but I hint at a lot of things, so if you’d rather go read the issue first and then come back here I promise I won’t mind.)

Sara Pitre-Durocher and Brendan Cahill split the artwork this time around. I love them both, but I think I like Sara’s work slightly better in this issue. Her groups of bots tend to be arranged in a three-dimensional space, while Brendan’s a lot of times are arranged in a simple horizontal line equal distance from the viewer, and yeah, even as I typed that out it looked like a pretty nitpicky thing to harp on. Nevermind, they both looked great (though I’m not a fan of lips on Nickel; she’s never had them before, and I think her androgynous appearance is part of her charm.)

As for the story, I can’t really go into too much detail without spoiling things, but in short: the Scavengers have a new “plan” that will hopefully get them some money. This time they’re searching for the Macguffin…sorry, typo, I meant the Magnificence. It belonged to one of the Knights of Cybertron (or possibly IS a Knight of Cybertron, if you believe the rumors, and they do.) The purpose of it isn’t made completely clear to the reader, because it’s not completely clear to the Scavengers either.

“It’s an all-knowing artifact. Ask it any question and you’ll get an answer.”
“So it’s a search engine.”
“A SENTIENT search engine!”
“In the shape of a ball!”
“A ball with an EYE in it. An eye-ball!”
“You realize you’re making it sound progressively less impressive.”

The important thing is they quickly get out of their depth, get captured, and then learn something new about Grimlock. A few new things about Grimlock. Some of those things are not good.

All I can say about the final page is AAAAAAAA! You’re going to leave it THERE??

(There’s also a lot going on with Shockwave and the DJD but most of it went out of my head after the last page because SERIOUSLY, ROBERTS?)