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San Diego Comic Con Sold Out of Friday One-Day Passes

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You snooze you lose, people.  If you didn’t get your passes yet, all you have to choose from is Thursday and Sunday single-day passes.  If you are still hoping for a Friday or Saturday single-day pass, what you CAN do is — oh wait, that’s closed, too.  I was about to tell you that you could volunteer, but volunteer registration is also closed. I guess the only thing you can do is wait for Comic-Con 2010. Not sure what else to tell ya, bud.

Comic-Con 2009

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We at VillainTech are happy to announce that we will be at Comic-Con again. Currently we don’t have much details to offer on what we will be covering but we hope to see you there. Comic-Con is sure to sell out this year so be sure to get’em while tickets are still available.

Comic-Con Comments on Sold Out Passes

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Enthusiasts will be upset to learn that both 4-Day and Saturday One-Day passes for Comic-Con International 2009 (CCI) have already sold out. Pixelated Geek had an opportunity to speak with David Glanzer, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at CCI, for further comments on this matter.

“People knew it sold out last year and they didn’t want to miss out,” explains Glanzer. Online ticket sales for CCI 2009 have been available as early as August 2008. Because CCI 2008 experienced an early sold-out show, it seemed that this year, fans wanted to attain tickets as early as possible. In comparison, tickets for last year’s convention were not sold out until two weeks prior to the event. CCI 2009’s 4-Day passes were sold out by mid-March — four months prior to the event.

“There’s nothing in terms of key media that we’ve done or key media that’s really done anything to promote the July show [Comic-Con]. There’s just been a lot of word of mouth and people making sure that they’re not left out.”

Saturday One-Day passes
While Saturday One-Day passes are obviously sold out, the question remains: is there still any way to get in on that day?

“Not really,” replies Glanzer. “However, we will probably be doing ticket giveaways on local radio stations in the LA and San Diego area. People can win free passes. Otherwise, there’s no way to buy a [Saturday] pass at this point.”

Comic-Con Leaving in 2012?
Loyal attendees have also acknowledged rumors of Comic-Con leaving the San Diego area. Glanzer comments on the issue:

“We have a contract with the Convention Center until 2012. One of the things we’re really trying to do is work with local hotels in the city for additional parking space, so that we can move outside of the building. We’ve maximized all of our space within the Convention Center, not only in terms of exhibitors but in terms of attendees. ”

Fortunately, there is talk of the City of San Diego expanding the venue, which will perhaps encourage the Con to stay in the aforementioned city.

Get your tickets now!
“The river itself is always there, but the water is always changing. The event is here every year in San Diego, but what happens at the event always changes,” says Glanzer. With that, expect some fun listings in the program and hurry! Purchase tickets while you still can!

For those concerned over a hot, crowded, foul-odor atmosphere, ease up: “Safety is always a big concern of ours. Not only a safe environment, but a comfortable one as well.” For example, while some conventions have 6 – or 8-foot aisles, CCI has 10- or 20-foot aisles. Oh, and there’s lots of air conditioning. Thank God for air conditioning.

Follow this link to buy your pass(es) for Comic-Con.

Video Games Live – San Diego Comic Con Concert on Sale Now

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video games live

The ultimate “cherry-on-top” for your San Diego comic con weekend is now on sale.  On Thursday, July 23, 2009 at 7:30pm, at the Embarcadero Marina Park South (behind the San Diego Convention center), Video Games Live will be making their second Comic Con concert.  I was lucky enough to get free tickets to the first concert back in 2008 from a good friend. It was my birthday present. (Thanks Aric!)

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Comic-Con 2008

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E3 is now behind us and we are so sad we weren’t able to cover it. However that mean means comic-con is now here and in VillainTech’s home city. Therefore we will be there giving you constant updates. We will be covering this event with one large post each day and constantly providing updates and photos as we go. We hope you enjoy because this will be a 4 days of overwhelming visual stimuli. Five days if we manage to include a preview night post.