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Simpsons New Intro and in HD

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Look who is joining the HD Band Wagon.  You can chalk up another “Simpsons did it” for becoming one of the first primetime cartoons to go high definition.  The first HD episode of the Simpsons will air toinght on FOX. (Check your local listings.)  But not only that, they finally have a new intro segment.  They haven’t had a new intro segment since 1989!  Congrats to the Simpsons.

This Geek will win over many ladies.

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Anoop Desai, is a college geek and “ladies man” from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Anoop Desai is 21 years old and has made it into Hollywood to appear on the American Idol stage infront of America.  I didn’t know about this guy until my girlfriend linked me the above video.  When he walkd in, just seemed like any other geek.  Flip-Flops, nerdy walk, nerdy face.  But when he started to sing, I was impressed.  That guy’s vocal skills is OVER 9000! The funny part of this video is how Simon looks at him as a type of “Bill Gates.” In this day in age, being like “Bill Gates” means your a rich nerd.  And Ladies, nowadays, like that. Maybe its the money part. (/shrug) GL and HF Anoop-Dog.  I hope you win! 

To see a video of Anoop singing with his Choir at his college, click the “Read full article” link below. Read On


Cox Digis are too cute

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Duck Studios gave Cox a better cartoon character to be represented by.  That “Max” dude was cool, but he wasn’t cool enough.  Duck Studios helped Cox replace Max with a bunch of cute “Digis.”  With their expression filled eyes, cute little walk, and the drive to get you information via technology when you need it.  How can Max compete?

For a higher-res mpg of the above spot, click here.

It was a good switch by Cox and a VERY creative campaign idea by Duck Studios.  To tell you the truth, when I asked Andrew of to make our PixelatedGeek, I told him to use the Digis as reference.  To see one more cute spot of the Digis, click the “Read Full Article” link below.

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Vince, the best informercial guy or next internet meme?

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You’ve seen Vince on those ShamWoW commercials and instantly fell in love with his enthusiasm. Now hes back selling something else. With his energy, confidence and awesome one liners, why aren’t more companies hiring this talent? Also, props to the video editor for leaving in this quote:

“You’re going to love my nuts.”

Leaked Transformers Superbowl ad looks awesome [update]

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Check out the above video or hit it up on YouTube for the HD version. It looks pretty awesome with absolutely massive (read: Optimus Prime looks like a little toy next to it) Decepticons. What do you, our loyal readers, think about the next Transformers movie? Awesome or fail?

Update: They took it down. sucks

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Over here at pixelatedgeek we have an unofficial set of rules- our guidelines or eight fold path if you will, that have a fight club-like effect on the members of our dear little site- Rule 1. Get Money and Get Paid our second and our final rule- GET MONEY AND GET PAID. So you can imagine my dismay when I arrived at to watch How I Met your Mother, expecting a Red Rider Bee bee gun only to find a child size bunny suit for Christmas. If twitter and Digg aren’t your normal sources of information, does not host their shows on their website. CBS’s blatant disregard for rules 1 and effectively 2 leads to the conclusion that is not a place for the internet community and ultimately to the idea that sucks.

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The Story of a Tattoo, 15 Years in the Making

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This story starts with a 15 year old idea by a man named Joe (the) Peacock…

What was that?  Yes, his name is Joe Peacock.  No, not the plumber.  No, he’s not in the mafia.  Yes, he has a really nice tattoo.  No, he didn’t get it when he was 15… jeeze, can I continue now?

Now Joe is a true jack of all trades; programmer, writer… snazzy dresser.  He is also an idea man.  If you haven’t guessed by now, the idea I’m going to share with you was his grand tattoo.

Joe’s tattoo is an homage to Akira, the 1988 anime film by Katsuhiro Otomo.  Completed in sections, the tattoo tells the story presented in the movie.  It also covers events in the manga works that the movie was based on.

Here is a composite of the sleeve he had done (some distortion due to unwrapping the arm based on his photos):

The Tattoo

The tattoo breaks down as follows:

Tattoo Part 1 Tattoo Part 2 Tattoo Part 3

The large glass shard with the Japanese script is the name of the anime “Akira”.  Surrounding that is the ruins of Neo-Toyko, the setting for the story, which Akira destroyed.  Above the shard are the pipes leading from the cryo-chamber that housed Akira (Akira is pictured on the lower shard of this image).  Below that second shard are the remnants of military tanks.

Around to the front of his arm exists another shard, this one featuring Kaneda.  Below him are the remnants of his bike, scattered around a tagged pillar with additional scenes of a destroyed Neo-Tokyo.

On the back side of Joe’s arm is a shard dedicated to Tetsuo, tying back around to Kaneda’s bike and the military forces present in the tattoo.   Scenes of the surviving city stand behind him.

You can view more of Joe’s Progress shots and additional details at his website.

This tattoo is a great example of how an image can be crafted to show both interesting imagery, and preserve qualities of the story, mood and style.

Bring Back Real Cartoons

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I guess we can’t go back to the way it was.  After Pokemon hit America, it was all over.  The animations of old has been replaced with animations from Japan.  Anime to be exact.  Now, I know there are a lot of Anime geeks out there.  I’m not hating on you guys.  I just miss the way cartoons were.

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