Top 5 Villians in Gaming

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Top 5 Villians in Gaming
Villains. Can’t live with them, can’t live when they conquer the world and murder you. But still, we need that special someone who can light a fire in our hero, as well as get his face punched in. So here are my top five villains in gaming. (Special shout out to Bobby Kotick from Activision. So evil but alas, not digitized)

5)The Joker

I just don't understand why some people hate clowns

When Batman Arkham Asylum was first announced people were weary. Batman games haven’t exactly been great in the past. In fact many of the games make Batman and Robin look like Citizen Kane.

No lie, I loved this when I was eight.

So when the good people at Rocksteady dropped a bomb of awesomesauce all over us with the release of Batman Arkham Asylum we were, needless to say, surprised. The game was amazing from head to toe but the feature that stood out the most was Mark Hamil’s performance as The Joker. At once hilarious and terrifying his voice acting had viewers glued to the television set. Everyone knew Joker was a great villain (some may say the greatest of all time) but we hadn’t seen him fully realized in video game form. With Arkham Asylum, and the upcoming sequel, he earned a place on this list.

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CW Presents Gotham [April Fools!]

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CW Presents Gotham [April Fools!]

UPDATE: This is an April Fools Joke. Sorry! =D

With the long term success of the Smallville television series WB and DC Comics have decided to venture forth into Gotham. A series that depicts the Dark Knight in his early teenage years.

It’s kinda a Young Indiana Jones meets Smallville

Auditions are currently being held. Though it was revealed that James Vanderbeek is the top candidate after John Krasinski turned down the role in favor of playing Captain America.

Potential storylines have been discussed including one in which Bruce Wayne meets medical student Harleen Quinzel. It seems a love interest begins to form, until his arch rival Jay Ker steps in to pull the ultimate prank.

Filming is to begin later this year. No word yet though on what city will be chosen to depict Gotham City. Though rumor has it San Diego is being considered. Some have claimed that San Diego is too small and shooting should be moved to Anaheim.

Weekend Deal Alerts

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Weekend Deal Alerts

If you haven’t already played Batman: Arkham Asylum, the deal Games for Windows Live is offering is worth your attention. Some other games to check out this weekend include Mount and Blade, Tropico Reloaded, and The Best of Indie Bundle Vol.3.





Games for Windows Live:

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum – $12.50 (75% Off)
    *Requires Games for Windows Live client – Deal ends Monday, March 1*

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Nolan to Serve as Mentor on New Superman Film

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Nolan to Serve as Mentor on New Superman Film

Whatever happened to the Man of Tomorrow? It’s been a good couple of years since we’ve seen mention of a Superman feature film, especially after the ill-fated Superman Returns, aside from animated films like Superman: Doomsday. But it seems that Warner Bros. is already prepping the third iteration of the Superman movie franchise.

Enter Christopher Nolan, the writer/director who not only took on the Batman movie franchise after Joel Schumacher made a mockery of the Dark Knight in the mid-90’s, but rebooted and reinvigorated the franchise, giving it a darker, edgier feel that proved popular among fans and critics alike. So, with Warner Bros. deciding reboot the Superman franchise and begin anew, it’s seems like Nolan is being brought into the mix to share some of his expertise in superhero drama.

But worry not, Batman fans. Nolan isn’t attached to direct, in fact he’s hard at work penning a script for a Dark Knight sequel. Instead, Nolan is being brought aboard to serve as a sort of mentor or godfather to the Superman franchise, someone to help aid and steer the Man of Steel in the right direction. And who better? After all, Nolan has proven he knows what he’s doing with two highly successful Batman films, and I think a serious, darker Superman movie would do the character justice.

[via Deadline Hollywood]

Eidos at the London Expo

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Eidos were at the London Expo with their upcoming PC/PS3/Xbox 360 title Batman: Arkham Asylum. For those of you who haven’t heard, this outing for the caped crusader pits him against all the escapees of Arkham asylum in a beat-em up style crime investigation RPG. Here’s the blurb:

Batman: Arkham Asylum exposes players to a unique, dark and atmospheric adventure that takes them to the depths of Arkham Asylum – Gotham’s psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane. Gamers will move in the shadows, instigate fear amongst their enemies and confront The Joker and Gotham City’s most notorious villains who have taken over the asylum.

Using a wide range of Batman’s gadgets and abilities, players will become the invisible predator and attempt to foil The Joker’s demented scheme.
Batman: Arkham Asylum features an original story penned exclusively for the game by famous Batman author and five-time Emmy award winner Paul Dini, whose credits include Lost season one and Batman: The Animated Series.

Hit the read link for more.

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5 Comic Book Characters That ‘Deal’ with Cards: Who Would Win in Poker?

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These five characters are a cut above the rest, mostly because they all have a great hand at what they do best. But who would win if they were hit with the right cards? And if they if they weren’t given the opportunity to whip their cards into the faces of their enemies, could they hold their own? (By the way, I shuffled these into no particular order).




First appearance: Daredevil #131, 1976
Bullseye is popular from the Daredevil series and he’s more popular for his unusual precision of, um, throwing things. While he enjoys throwing sharp objects, he’s perhaps notable for his affinity of throwing playing cards. In fact, if he never decided to pick up a set of cards, we’d see him throwing other things that come in bulk — like sunflower seeds, paperclips and Costco toilet paper rolls.







Yugi Mutou
First appearance: Yu-Gi-Oh! #1, 1996
I know what you’re thinking. Yu-Gi-Oh is an Anime. Au contraire: the franchise began as a Manga back in 1996. And although he doesn’t use a standard set of playing cards, an absence of his deck would make Yugi nothing but — oh! — a plain kid with funky hair. Certainly his deck of cards requires fast-thinking and problem solving — perhaps the same skills can be used in a gentleman’s game of poker?







Royal Flush Gang
First appearance: Justice League of America #43, 1966
The Royal Flush Gang is suited for victory. Seeing as how these supervillains can throw down in a fight, certainly they’d have the guts to throw down in a Poker game. This gang would perhaps bend the rules while bending their cards, competing with five Poker faces instead of one. Is that an advantage or a disadvantage at hand?








First appearance: Batman #1, 1940
If you try to play a Poker match with the Joker, you’ll get freaked out by his antics, creeped out by his jokes, and thrown off by his permanently-smiling Poker face. He’d be willing to insanely contrive an idea to fool you into losing not only your money, but also your appetite. Careful with the Joker — he most likely has a few wild cards up his sleeve.







First appearance: Uncanny X-Men Annual #14, 1990
Gambit was originally a thief — if you’re not careful, he’ll steal all of your money (if he doesn’t steal your heart first). This Ragin’ Cajun has a seemingly endless stack of cards stacked somewhere away in his trench coat. Gambit hurls charged playing cards at his enemies with utmost accuracy. Granted, playing a game of Poker with him just might make your head explode.








What do you think?

The Dark Knight Blu-Ray Sales Shatter All Records

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BURBANK, Calif., Dec 17, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — –Over 1 Million Blu-ray Discs(TM) Sold in U. S. Alone

The Dark Knight took the world by storm on Blu-ray and DVD, breaking records for 2008. The blockbuster hit from acclaimed director Christopher Nolan became an instant must-own classic with Blu-ray sales of over 1.7 million units and total DVD and Blu-ray sales of 13.5 million worldwide* Read On

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Batman Begins

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It is so satisfying to see a movie that fulfills your hopes and expectations. It is doubly so when the movie is based on a comic book character that is – well, there’s no other way to say it – sacred. After the last two horrifying installments, something even half as good as the 1989 Tim Burton Batman probably would have sufficed; this installment makes that well-loved predecessor look like a farce. Even the cartoonishly cherubic Katie Holmes can’t dampen the delicious, adult tone of this movie.

Filling in the holes in young Bruce Wayne’s transition from terrified (and wealthy) orphan to terrorizing vigilante citizen, posing dramatically on rooftops, Batman Begins expands the myth beyond the well-trod “Well, see, he saw his parents killed. So that messed him up. He’s rich, so you know, he built some bat stuff.” Wayne has more to rage about than a life-altering homicide; more legacy to fulfill than just petty revenge. And training! By the redoubtable Ken Watanabe and Qui-Gon himself, Liam Neeson, no less. Characters in general are not painted black or white, with some clear exceptions, but they make the picture more interesting all around.

What’s fantastic about this movie is how it makes the hyperreal seem real, seem solid. It’s genuinely dark and the action is all justified, and perfectly paced. It seethes and it revs and it truly does rock; it rocks intelligently, but it is still very cool. A particularly effective scene is staged much like a horror movie, but our hero is the lurking, unseen danger. It’s very effective, both at humanizing the bad guys (antithetical to most comic adaptation) and at giving us a sense of Wayne’s power.

Director Christopher Nolan (Memento, Insomnia) likes cerebral movies that take the audience inside the mind of the cerebrum in question, and this is no exception. As co-screenwriter (with David S. Goyer) he explores fear as a causality rather than a result, and justice versus revenge. What makes a man good, or turns a man bad? Where does madness begin and justified behavior end?

Gotham is envisioned as the biggest, worst city imaginable – it has the depressed elements of Chicago, the impossible density of New York, and the remote selfishness of Los Angeles. Its enhanced reality complements Wayne’s mechanical aids in his batmanism. Even the “bat sports hummer” you have seen in the commercials doesn’t feel creass. It should also be noted that casting talents like Watanabe, Neeson, Tom Wilkinson, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and Cillian Murphy never hurt any movie; and yet this movie exhibits the hard-won knowledge that the movie is about BATMAN. Not the showy villains (you hear that, Governor Freeze?), but the man under the cape. Christian Bale calls upon his American Psycho gravitas and his Empire of the Sun vulnerability to create a rich, delicious Batman who yes, also looks good posing on a rooftop. Come on, we don’t just love Batman because he’s deep. But he’s so much more gratifying when there is content behind the cape.

MPAA Rating PG-13
Release date 6/15/05
Time in minutes 134
Director Christopher Nolan
Studio Warner Brothers