Doom II Now Available for Xbox Live

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Doom II Now Available for Xbox Live

It can’t get any more retro and action packed than this.  Doom II is now out on Xbox Live Arcade. Go back to the times when life was more simple.  Back to the times when gameplay meant more than graphics.

Initially released in 1994, DOOM II expanded upon the white-knuckle excitement of the original DOOM with an amazing assortment of additional weapons, monsters, and carnage-filled environments. Upon its release via Xbox LIVE Arcade, players will be able to download and relive all of the heart-pounding action of this classic PC title ?

But here’s the best part of the news:

now complete with 5.1 Surround Sound, HD display, never before seen Achievements, multi-player, and co-op over LIVE!

Yup. You read that right. Doom II with all the goodies you expect from an Xbox Live Arcade title. Get on your Xbox and grab this title for $10. Not bad for a trip down memory lane.