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Apple has a vague definition of Decency?

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Apple has a vague definition of Decency?

When it comes to decency, the majority understand that there are things considered inappropriate for some, usually when speaking of children.  This kind of censorship has innate problems in that far too often what’s deemed inappropriate is decided by the few instead of the rightful majority.  Another and probably even more serious problem is that one man’s obscene is another man’s art and inconsistencies always end up arising that blur the lines of what the people may consider decent.

Unfortunately fans of  Brian K. Vaughn & Fiona Staple’s sci-fi opera Saga had some troubles getting issues #12 digitally because of Apple’s policies regarding appropriate material.  This was due to two “postage stamp-sized images” portraying men in homosexual acts getting the issue banned from the Comixology iOS app.  The news infuriated fans of the book as well as those against censorship and gay rights activists, but in a strange turn of events a day later Comixology has taken the blame for the ban.

This has made everyone a little suspicious.

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