New Madcatz Tournament Sticks and Gamepads

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Photos from Shoryuken forum troll, ohgee, snapped the photo above of a new Street Fighter 4 tournament stick design. It looks like Madcatz and GameStop will be pushing out more tournament stick and gamepad designs for you fighting game junkies. For more photos of the new designs, go past the break.  There is also a (Disney/)Marvel VS Capcom 2 design. Read On

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Coming to XBox Live and PSN

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Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Coming to XBox Live and PSN

The countdown is over! Here’s the trailer!

I’m so glad this is being remixed into Xbox360 and PS3.  Even though people wanted and expected Marvel VS Capcom 3, we can’t say that we aren’t happy with the nostalgic MvC2.  The trailer says that the game will be online for download this Summer and an exact date is not announed yet.  I’m guessing around E3 time since it’s a little over 1 month away. But for now, Capcom, I will now accept that ride you are offering.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Remake – Taking You for Another Ride?

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We all heard of this song:

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If this still plays in your head during dreams of Marvel VS Capcom 2 at the local arcade, then you’ll be happy about this countdown clock at . What is that for you might ask? Maybe an announcement for a MvC2 remake? How would we know? Go past the break to find out more.


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