Rumor Roundup – Amazing JLA

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Rumor Roundup – Amazing JLA

The Internet is just full of rumors, but hopefully with a little roundup we can weed through them. This past week we got a rumor actually confirmed while a couple of others sprouted up. Sit back and relax as I guide through this week’s Rumor Roundup.

Spider Man 2:

More villains have been added to the cast of Amazing Spider-Man 2. It was already announced that Jamie Fox will playing Electro but now a rumor’s going around that Paul Giamatti was in talks to play the Rhino. Now quick note, I love Giamatti – dude’s a great actor – but why would you have him play Rhino? I’m no casting director, but wouldn’t Ron Perlman, or even Tom Hardy, be an easy answer?

As for some personal speculation, with multiple villains do you think that they might assemble the Sinister Six as of the third movie?


After The Avengersresounding success, it wasn’t much of a stretch to assume DC would most likely attempt a JLA movie. However, the details have been a bit vague, and all we know so far is the film will come out some time in 2014. No director’s been confirmed for the film, with initial rumors of Ben Affleck pretty much shot down.

Recently, a new JLA rumor has made the rounds about the likely roster. Five members are predicted – the core trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern and Flash filling in the other two. It saddens me that Aquaman (our underwater Thor) is missing, but it seems like a good call. I sometimes enjoy some Aquaman but he’s hit-or-miss. Martian Manhunter is supposed to make a guest appearance, but won’t have a major role. Perhaps he’ll be the Agent Colson of the flick.

A quick note about the Green Lantern – I’d be surprised if this actually would happen. Considering the flop of his own movie, and the axing of the animated series, seems there’s just not much love for the Lantern lately.

Truemors (Rumors that came True)

Well, it’s confirmed: J.J. Abrams will be directing the upcoming Star Wars Episode 7.

You can check out this weeks episode of the Comic Issues Podcast for more details on our opinion of Mr. Abrams’ work. Personally, I think it was a very solid, rather obvious choice. Abrams’ experience working with ABC on Lost means he’s already in the family, and I think he has what it takes to really make a new Star Wars.