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Colbert Report's Qwutter is Real!

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Last night, Colbert introduced a new website called Qwutter.  A middle-east website spin off of twitter where you post things like “Death to America” in 140 characters or less.  But, just like Colbert’s news stories, its not real and just a joke. When you submit a message, it gives you this dialog box though.


If any message should be posteed, it should be something about RIAA and MPAA. Just sayin.

Carousel: A Cinema 21:9 Production

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Wow this post is old. Want more recent gaming news? Head here.

If you loved the opening credits sequence of Watchmen, you’re going to love the video below by Phillips.  This video was done to promote the new 21:9 Cinema Widescreen TV.  It looks like when a machinima artist “pauses” the game and runs around the map or level.  The full sequence below also loops around to tell the story. Very artistic, very creative and very awesome.

UPDATE: StinkDigital has given us exclusive Behind-The-Scenes photos and video of the production!

Behind the scenes action

Behind the scenes action

Tila Tequila's Twitter Got Hacked

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Someone got into Tila Tequila’s Twitter and told everyone she was dead. However, the Why-Is-She-Famous-Exactly? personality did not get shot. (Tila Tequila shot – do you see what I did there?)

Anyhow, here are some of the Twitter feeds via Radar Online:

“Pt1 This is Tila. I am deeply sorry for the earlier post about me being dead. I don’t know who logged into my account and wrote that.”

“Pt.2 but someone did indeed break into my house. It’s been a very scary night for me. it’s 4:10am now and have been dealing with it all.”

“Pt.3 too much has happened. I am scared, exhausted and drained but I am ok! Want to apologize to my fans who were worried about me”

“Im moving into a different house very soon because I have a stalker who is very much so endangering my life at the moment….I love u all.”

“They Broke everything in my living room….EVERYTHING IS SHATTERED! I’m so sad right now….this sucks.”

“Then I found my dog locked in the trunk of my car!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been crying all night. THis is fucked up. I’m sad and shocked and bye”

“Im still shaking and crying! My dog in the trunk of the car, house is shattered, everything is smashed! I’m staying at a friend’s house 2nite.”

Psyche-Me-Out Sci-Fi: VIDEODROME

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Videodrome is one of the the biggest WTFs of the 1980s. Max (James Woods) is the president of a sleazy TV station and he’s looking for the next big thing. He comes across a pirated channel airing “Videodrome” – basically, a plotless show about people having sex and getting tortured in a bright orange room. After viewing this show, Max gets intense hallucinations. I mean, fucking intense:

WTF? He’s making out with the TV.

Now he’s putting a gun in the vagina-looking thing that appeared on his abdomen.

Squishy things coming out of a guy he murdered. Long live the new flesh?

KGB Answers a Very Important Question

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Today, I was at my nieces birthday party at Island Burgers. (yummy)  When I glaced over at their TVs, I saw another commercial for KGB.

The commercial got me wondering.  “How good is this service?” So, I decided to try it out.

5359572and the winner is……..?


REDDIT for “ease of use.” Congratulations reddit.  You’re easier to use than Digg.